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Impact Toys 101: From Ahhh to Ouch

Impact Toys 101: From Ahhh to Ouch


Impact play covers a wide variety of toys and the sensations they can create. We’ll go over the safety and how to engage in risk aware play. This class is designed to help navigate between canes, crops, paddles, floggers, and all that’s in between. One implement can be used to create several different sensations depending on point of contact on the body and which part of the toy is being used. Different materials and thickness will also cause different feelings. Learn some of my tricks for creating an amazing impact scene that will send your bottom deep into subspace. These are all things that we’ll cover in this class. A live demonstration will also take place as well as the opportunity to experience some of the toys for yourself. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Put Your Thumb On It

Put Your Thumb On It: Pressure Point Play


Have you ever had a really nice massage and you’ve thought about how to incorporate that into your play? Well this isn’t that class. This is designed to pinpoint those spots on the body that can cause people to crumple and move in the direction that you want them to. I’ll show you some ways to use pressure points in ways you never thought of. With just one touch, learn how to bring your bottom to their knees. There are safety concerns to discuss when playing with pressure points which I’ll go over as well. This is a great class to get in touch with that primal energy inside yourself and use your body to inflict certain sensations with your bottom. Playing with pressure points is a lot of fun when combined with other types of play such as bondage or sensory deprivation. I’ll teach you some of my favorite ways to add this skill into your scenes and amping things up. This class is open to all skill levels, gender identities, sexual preferences, and relationship dynamics.

Class Description:

Being a Dom 101: Training for New Dominants

You’ve taken some classes, done some exploring, and realized you have a strong Dominant side… but now what? Many people get involved in BDSM, begin to identify as a Dominant partner, but don’t really understand what that entails or how to stand out as a skilled, desirable Dominant. This class is designed to discuss the responsibility and accountability that goes with that title, helping participants to hone their Dom skills and step further down the path of expertise in their roles. Miss Mackenzee has been a lifestyle Dominant for many years and has had countless play partners and currently has a live-in submissive. She will help to cover some of the questions people have when first navigating their role as Dominant.

Some of the things that will be covered are:

  • Bringing your play from the bedroom to the public with confidence
  • Finding protocols that you agree with and want to involve in your relationship/s
  • Learning the parts of a scene (negotiation, start of a scene, build up, climax, etc)
  • Figuring out the dynamic you want to build and honing those skills
  • Rituals within your relationship/s
  • Taking your role as a top further and what that entails

Class Description:

Tantra and Energy Play

This workshop is designed for igniting the spark of erotic appetite between you and your lover. It’s crafted for stoking the flames of desire between partners who are new to each other’s bodies as well as igniting passion and intimacy for long-standing, well developed connections. By the end of this workshop, you will have experienced a journey through nine distinct yet connected exercises designed to allow your mind, body and spirit to fully engage in your connection with your loved one. Prepare yourselves to engage with your partner emotionally, physically, and in a deeply moving spiritual sense as well. You will learn not only specific techniques, but also the mindset and philosophy required to open yourselves fully to the possibilities of intense erotic energy exchange and mind-blowing tantric sex.

Class Description:

Got Rope? Enhance Your Scene with It!

When people think of rope, they typically think suspensions and beautiful designs. But that’s not all it has to be. Ever wanted to learn quick and dirty tricks for subduing your bottom? Maybe you left all your gags at home and only have rope to use. There are so many ways that rope can be used in a scene that people may forget about because they’re distracted by all of the gorgeous, posed pictures online. Come join us and discover ways to add the wonderful energy of rope to your scene.

Class Description:

Getting a Submissive in the Appropriate Headspace

Have you witnessed scenes where the submissive/bottom looks floaty and the most amazing serene look crosses their face? It is one of the most fulfilling things a Dominant can experience. If you are curious about how to help your play partner experience this lovely altered state or want to add some new tricks to your bag, this workshop is the one for you. Come join us and learn all you need to know to safely warm your play partner up and expertly build the intensity of your session until they reach the sublime.

Class Description:

Creativity with Sharps: Needles, Staples, and Scalpels, Oh My!

We’ve all seen the pictures online of beautiful artwork created with various medical tools. This is not a needles 101 class so having a working knowledge of this type of play is beneficial. In this class, I’ll share some ways to turn your bottom into a lovely piece of artwork. You can go simple using colored thread and ribbon or add in beads and needle caps so the designs can stay in longer while you parade around your living canvas. Maybe you want to mark your bottom as yours for a period of time. Or help them look even sexier with sharps woven through their skin. You’ll also learn some exciting ways to torture your bottom using needle predicament bondage and creating endorphin rushes that will send your bottom to further reaches of floaty space.. Playing the scary doctor and nurse can be oh so fun! Participation isn’t required but if you wish to participate and don’t have a partner, it is recommended that you bring a stuffed animal as your victim.



His body was almost completely relaxed. He had followed the orb of energy down to his legs, almost fully under now.

“Deeper and deeper into trance now, with no effort required at all, it is so easy to just relax and let it happen all by itself. Just like when you go to sleep at night, you just relax and let it happen all by itself. Trance is like that now, just let go into trance and really enjoy the process as you relax deeper and deeper.

As these feelings move down into your legs you can imagine you have been running so fast for such a long time that you are so tired now, so tired that all you want to do is rest… and now you can rest.  just allow your legs to relax now, relax and let go completely, feeling the tired heaviness taking you deeper and deeper.”

I gently touch his hand, “good. Now I would like you to imagine that you are standing at the top of an escalator. In a few moments I will begin to count down from 10 to 1.

When I say the number 10 you will step onto this escalator and as I count slowly down you will ride the escalator down until I reach the number 1, where you will find yourself at the bottom of the escalator and step off. So, as you stand at the top looking down I would like you to reach out now ready to step onto this escalator of trance, and…”

As I counted down, his body gave way to his subconscious completely. The energy shift was strong.

“You find yourself standing at the bottom of the escalator now, just in front of you there is a bed, a very special bed, a bed of dreams. Should you climb onto this bed, you will instantly fall into a deep, deep sleep. But not the kind of sleep that you enter at night, a special kind of sleep, for this is the bed of trance and when you climb upon it you will enter a deep, deep hypnotic sleep.

Climb upon the bed now and allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into the soft comfort. As you sink into the comfort you fall into a deep, deep……. SLEEEEEP! This is a magical bed, a bed that can make your dreams and fantasies become reality.

While you are in this bed, everything I say to you will echo in your subconscious mind, compelling you to follow every command and suggestion I say. Any of my triggers that I say to you will work in and out of trance, at any time you feel safe enough. When I bring you out of trance, you are going to feel extremely free and finding yourself wanting me to dress you up. The desire to beg me to be my sissy slut will almost be too much. When you wake up, you won’t be able to resist begging me to feminize you and take pictures. Every time I say the word ‘sissy,’ it will feel as though your cock is now just a little clit and starts to throb. You’ll want to touch it but the only way you’ll ever be able to is if you say ‘Mistress can I please play with my little sissy clit for you?’ Once I bring you out of trance, you are going to have such a strong desire for me to train you to please all my guy friends and will be begging for me to make you look pretty for them.”

I move a little closer to him, “If this is all okay, I want you to lift this finger,” I tapped his index finger which almost immediately lifted and a slight smile spread across his lips.

“Now in a moment, I’m going to bring you out of trance but know that this trigger and these words will be imprinted in your subconscious. I’m going to take you off of the bed and I want you to stare at the escalator going upwards. I’m going to take you all the way to the 10th step. And once you step off the 10th step, you will be alert and fully awake, remembering everything I told you and knowing that you’ve never felt so relaxed in your life. Now I want you to step up on 1, feeling the step beneath you…” I counted back up, watching as his body started to become more present, “…wake now, fully alert and back to your surroundings.”

His eyes popped open and looked directly into mine. Still a hint of the trance lingered there.

“Well hello there,” I said to him. He tilted his head downward and blushed a little. I could tell in that moment that the triggers had stuck.

“Hello Mistress. I have something that I’ve been wanting to ask you and I think I finally have the courage to.”

“And what is that?” I asked as I started to play with his hair a little bit.

“I would like you to dress me up and teach me how to be more feminine.”

“Is that so? Hmmm…anything else?”

He glances up at me, “yes, Mistress. I want to be a model for you and have you take pictures of all the pretty outfits you put me in. And I really want to be trained by you to please you and all of your friends.”

“Stand up.” He jumps up and stands perfectly still as I walk around and examine him. “I do have some very sexy new clothes that would fit just right on you. I will make you the prettiest little sissy ever.” He squirms a little bit and I laugh.

“Oh yes, please Mistress. May I please touch myself? The idea of you feminizing me is turning me on so much.” I move to the front of him and stare deeply into his eyes.

“I’m not sure if you deserve to yet. I mean, you haven’t even really proven yourself to be a worthy sissy slut for me.”

“Oh please, Mistress can I please play with my little sissy clit for you? Please…I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” My one eyebrow raises and I let out a little evil laugh, “oh you just might prove yourself to be a good little sissy slut for me….”

Baby Bird Fetish



I had prepared a few different foods for our session. “Are you hungry? Do you want to start with an appetizer?” I asked him.

“Yes, please. I’m starving.” He reached for one of the pigs in a blanket.

“Did I say you could take one? You aren’t good enough for that. There’s only one way you can eat with me.” He looked at me somewhat quizzically but took his hand away. “Kneel and keep your mouth open. I’ll feed you.” He obeyed. His eyes watched as I picked up one of the little hot dogs and followed as I placed it in my mouth. “Mmmm” I mumbled as I chewed. I scooted forward on the couch and I was above him. His mouth was still wide open as I let the masticated food fall into his mouth. “Now swallow,” I told him when my mouth was no longer full. “Isn’t that nice of me to feed you? You’re just that worthless that the only food you deserve is the already chewed up food from my mouth.”

He finished swallowing, “yes, thank you so much.” Just as soon as he was finished with that statement, I was above him again with more delicious food, feeding him from my mouth. All he had to do was swallow.

“Would you like something to drink?” He nodded his head. “Open up.” Again he followed directions. I took a sip of water for myself and swallowed then took another and spit it directly into his gaping mouth.

“Thank you, Miss.”

I took a large forkful of chicken and potatoes, took my time chewing them. His eyes were glued to my mouth, watching its movement and licking his own lips. As I scooted towards him, his mouth instinctively opened up. This worthless boy was already trained; that didn’t take long at all. I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his head further back, really opening up his mouth, letting the food fall in. I kept his head in that position while I grabbed another forkful, this time swallowing it for myself. “Mmmm, so tasty.”

“Please, can I have some more?” He looked at me, begging with his eyes as well as his words.

I stuffed his mouth some more. “Worthless slave…swallowing the food that I’ve already chewed up. This is how you should be eating all of your meals.”

When all of the chicken and potatoes were gone, I took a large sip of water and let it dribble into his opened mouth. As I stood up, his eyes followed pleadingly. “Don’t worry…I’ll be right back. I have to go finish the dessert that I’ve prepared just for you.” As I walked away, I saw the look on his face: excitement, nervousness, curiosity. I love seeing that look on a slave’s face.

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