Philadelphia Dominatrix/ BDSM & Sex Educator/ Certified Erotic Hypnotist Miss Mackenzee

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Class Description:

Micro Bondage with Sharps

Micro bondage doesn’t have to be limited to the smaller appendages of the bottom. Why not combine two endorphin-heavy types of play: bondage and sharps? There are so many ways to weave the two together and create wonderfully devious predicaments for your bottom. This is not a needles 101 class so having a working knowledge of this type of play is beneficial. You will leave this class with new tricks in your bag. Learn how to send your bottom to further reaches of floaty space. In this class we will cover extra safety precautions, special considerations for negotiations, using needles and other pokey things to your advantage with mini rope and thread, and much more. Participation isn’t required but if you wish to participate and don’t have a partner, it is recommended that you bring a stuffed animal as your victim.

Class Description:

Spanking for Punishment or Pleasure

What we once hated as children, we now love as adults…SPANKING! Whether you’re brand new to spanking or have been in the game for many years, this class is welcoming and you’ll walk away with at least one new trick in your bag. One of the most important things in spanking is warming your bottom up. You don’t want them to safe word before you really get into a nice rhythm. Along with that we’ll go over how to “read” your partner and how to take them to a really amazing place. There’s the more practical lessons in regards to spanking such a s stingy vs. thuddy and how to inflict pain on your bottom, not yourself. There’s many different ways to spank someone to create a number of sensations which I’ll talk about and demonstrate. Participation is encouraged by not required. There will be time to try different implements and methods, whether you come with a partner or solo. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Class Description:

Disgracing with Grace: The Many Forms of Humiliation

Do you love seeing your submissive’s cheeks turn red? And I’m not just talking about their ass. I’m talking about those moments when they feel embarrassed or shamed. This class is designed to go over a number of different types of humiliation, including feminization, consensual shaming, role playing, etc. I’ll help you with techniques and ways to maximize your erotic humiliation play. We’ll discuss distinguishing between abuse and healthy play. Humiliation can be fun in personal and private settings but what if you want to bring that out in public? Learn how to do that in a sexy and exciting way while still being connected. There is special attention that should be paid when negotiating an erotic humiliation scene. Participation is encouraged but not required. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Class Description:

Earning Your Stripes: All Canes

Do you love the beautiful stripes a cane leaves behind but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve used them a bit and want to know all the sweet spots of where to hit your bottom? In this class we’ll go over the many different types of canes and how to pick the right one for the kind of sensation you want to give your bottom. Learn how to create the marks your masochistic submissive craves. We will discuss the most sensitive, most sadistic and more importantly the most dangerous places to strike on a person’s body. We want to hurt our bottoms, not harm them. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Class Description:

Kink Tests: What Are You Into?

We’ve all seen people with their BDSM test results on their profiles or taken them ourselves. Whether you’re just starting in the lifestyle and trying to find your role or have been in for a while, this workshop will be a fun way to explore yourself and your interests. You may just discover something about yourself that you didn’t know! Audience participation is 99% of this class and you will need a notepad and a pen or pencil. Once we’ve run through everything and you’ve got everything in front of you, we’ll go over some examples of what to do next with your realizations.

Aside from the test itself, in this class we will:

  • Delve deeper into desires
  • Go over tips and tricks for expanding your fantasies
  • Talk about better ways to communicate your wants and needs
  • Find out how to combine fetishes
  • Lay out a path to better explore your newfound interest(s)

Join us for some fun.

Class Description:

Pro Kink Life: Making Money While You Sleep

Being a Professional Dominatrix for over a decade has given Miss Mackenzee a myriad of experience to draw upon in helping newcomers to develop insight on their business. This class is designed not only for those wishing to get started as a sex worker but for those that have already begun their career as one and are looking for some tips and tricks to take their business another step further. This is a line of work that is not talked about in business classes. We will discuss how to build your business model and brand in a way that leaves you head and shoulders above the competition, as well as your book of eager pay-for-play slaves. One of the most important things we will talk about is that the rewards and benefits of this type of work is fun but it is still hard work.

Some of the things we will go over are:

  • 7 Steps to becoming the successful Domme you’ve always wanted to be
  • How to establish yourself (finding your niche, joining a house, marketing, etc)
  • Physical & online sessions
  • Custom orders (audios, videos, clothing, etc)
  • Creating and designing your website
  • Networking
  • Do’s and Don’ts of being an accomplished Dominatrix

Class Description:

Uninhibited: Freedom through Hypnosis

We all have chains that we need to break whether it’s due to a religious background or self-consciousness due to judgmental people in our lives. This class is designed to help you and/or your partner become the most open you wish to be. Some of the things that can be achieved through this class are the ability to be naked at events, being more more comfortable sexually with your partner or yourself, and much more. We will talk about how to use the subconscious mind to unlock your inner wild child, allowing you to embrace your sexuality.

Class Description:

Intoxication Play with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the ultimate form of control. In this class, I’ll go over the fun ways to alter one’s senses in such a way that brings them back to a time of intoxication. One of the most important things to keep in mind when engaging in this type of play is safety which I will go over. There are things that need to be paid attention to when playing with someone who is intoxicated, whether it’s with the power of the mind or actual physical substances. This type of play could be for fun to achieve a more floaty headspace or to help a partner with things such as pain relief or anxiety.

Class Description:

Realizing “Impossible” Fantasies Through Hypnosis

As a Professional Dominatrix, a lot of my clients come to me with a number of fetishes, most often ones they feel are impossible to fully realize without hypnosis. Think someone wanting to crossdress but to really feel as though they are the opposite gender. Or wanting to be six inches tall as an Amazon Goddess uses you as her toy. Maybe your submissive has been reading Anne Rice and wants to know what it feels like to be taken over by a vampire. These are all possible through the power of hypnosis. It is also fun to enhance more common fetishes such as bondage wherein your submissive or slave is bound to their chair while out for dinner without garnering unwanted attention. Or maybe you need a little help breaking free from your inhibitions, allowing yourself to fully embrace your sexuality. In this class, I will talk about how to make the “impossible” possible using the power of vivid imagery so these exciting fantasies are more tangible. Having beginner’s knowledge of hypnosis is helpful but not required for this class.

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