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Impact Toys 101: From Ahhh to Ouch

Impact Toys 101: From Ahhh to Ouch


Impact play covers a wide variety of toys and the sensations they can create. We’ll go over the safety and how to engage in risk aware play. This class is designed to help navigate between canes, crops, paddles, floggers, and all that’s in between. One implement can be used to create several different sensations depending on point of contact on the body and which part of the toy is being used. Different materials and thickness will also cause different feelings. Learn some of my tricks for creating an amazing impact scene that will send your bottom deep into subspace. These are all things that we’ll cover in this class. A live demonstration will also take place as well as the opportunity to experience some of the toys for yourself. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Class Description:

Wrap ’em Up: Mummification

This isn’t ancient Egypt but we’re here to create some mummies! Mummification is one of the strictest forms of bondage and is also one of the most fun. We’ll go over some of the basic materials that can be used for rendering someone completely immobile as well as some of the fun things to do once you’ve got them all wrapped up! There are so many wonderful uses for mummification. Let your creative side run wild with turning your mummy into a beautiful canvas. Or help them stretch by keeping them in a position, making it impossible for them to move. You can create a wonderful doll to play with or wrap limbs up for some great puppy play. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Class Description:

CBT for the Nervous

Does it excite you to have a man by his most precious bits? Or to allow yourself to be so vulnerable to another person by giving them access to the family jewels? This class is designed for those just starting out with CBT and might be hesitant to throw themselves into the deep end. Some of the things we’ll cover are predicament bondage, impact, electro, and much more. Because the area is quite sensitive, cock and ball torture can be dangerous so we’ll be discussing a lot of the risks involved as well as safety tips. So don’t be afraid…dip your toes in and you’ll see that the water is just fine!

Class Description:

Couples Meditation: Zen Together

With busy schedules, it is sometimes hard for partners to feel connected but it’s important to make time for each other. It’s one thing to Netflix and chill but it’s a whole different experience to meditate with your partner/s. In this class we’ll go over breathing methods that will center you and your partner/s so that you transcend together. The breathing exercises themselves are great ways to shut out the noise of the world and just exist with your partner/s. Once at rest and calm, we’ll go through a guided meditation that will take you and your partner/s to a place of peace and tranquility. It can be really exciting to feel that kind of energy with each other. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Class Description:

Pleasure After Trauma

No matter the duration of an the actual trauma event, the effects are long lasting. They spill over into our physical bodies and how we react to certain situations. When we feel as though part of our self is taken away or lost, it can be a struggle to reclaim them. This class is designed to help give you tools to care for yourself and take back your identity. I will help you find the stepping stones that will set you on a path to becoming more comfortable in your skin. It is possible to feel joy and excitement after surviving a traumatic experience. Even if you haven’t had firsthand trauma but have a close friend or partner that has, you are welcome in this class and can learn ways to help support your loved ones as they rebuild themselves and find pleasure again. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, and skill levels.

Class Description:

The Art of Tease and Denial

Wouldn’t it be fun to prolong your partner’s pleasure over an extended period of time? How about taunting them while out at dinner using a remote-controlled vibrator? Keeping your partner on the cusp of release can be such a fun game. In this class, we’ll cover various ways to torment the ones we love by using toys or our bodies alone. Having someone’s sexual gratification in your hands (or mouths) is such a delicious form of control and the possibilities of being in that position are endless. By building your partner up in such a way, you’ll help them to experience more powerful and intense orgasms through the practice of edging. This class will have a demonstration of just a few of the ways to dangle the forbidden fruit in front of your partner and then snatching it away as they approach the ledge. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, and skill levels.

Class Description:

Finding Your Inner Goddess

It’s time to break free of the chains that are holding you back and embrace who you were truly meant to be. Whether you want to awaken your sexuality or be more in tune with the female energy within and harness it, this class is for you. With our time together, I will help you to feel more comfortable in your skin and love who you are. There is power in each of us and this class is designed to help you find it and carry it with you to live as your authentic self. Be the unapologetic Goddess you were born to be. This class is inclusive of all races, ages, sexual identities, and gender identities. Male identifying people are welcome to join us as well to learn how to build up their female partners as well as support them in their journey.

Class Description:

How to Perform a Sexy Striptease

No matter what your age, body type, or gender identity is, come learn how to strip down for your partner(s). This class is designed to help make you feel comfortable in your skin and out of your clothes. You can think of it as a fun, sexy aerobic workout that also happens to tease your partner(s). Have you seen a movie or video where one person dances with such confidence and wanted to do it yourself? Well now is the time. During the course of the class, some of the things we’ll cover are:

  • How to make yourself a temptress/tempter
  • What happens when you hit a snag in removing an article of clothing
  • How to effectively use props
  • The art of seduction
  • Using your body to please your partner’s eye
  • And more

If you’d like, bring a pair of heels or sexy shoes. Be sure to bring multiple layers of clothes, maybe even an outfit that pairs with a role play you’ve been fantasizing about. Come prepared to have a lot of fun! This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, and skill levels.

Class Description:

It’s Knot Just About Rope: Bondage With Other Tools

There’s no denying that rope is one of the greatest tools in bondage. It floods our FetLife newsfeeds. But there are so many other amazing ways to capture a partner and render them helpless and immobile. Maybe you want to make it so your partner can’t touch themselves. With just a few simple tools, all that is completely possible. You don’t need to be an expert rigger to achieve the end result you’re looking for. In this class we will talk about and demonstrate some of those ways which include pallet wrap mummification, gear ties, zip ties, cuffs, straps, etc. As with any type of play, negotiation and safety are extremely important. We will also go over some safety concerns regarding these other forms of bondage. Join us and learn some new tips to surprise your partner with.

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