I have been a Dominatrix since 2001, both professionally as well as in the BDSM lifestyle. I am a 6-foot tall (before heels) blonde, green eyed, Amazon Goddess. Ever dreamed of a hot, tattooed, fetish wear clad model to tease and torture you? Have you stared at pictures of such women on the internet wishing that you could feel their touch, submit to their will, take their pain and beg for pleasure/mercy? Look no further, here I am.

My years in BDSM have allowed me to develop many skills and talents, though favorites of mine are hypnosis, all forms of bondage, CBT, spanking, role-play, and power exchange. I have a viciously sadistic side, though my dominance relies on far more than pain. There’s nothing hotter than a man wearing nothing but a collar and cuffs staring up at my statuesque figure awaiting my command. My wide array of skills allows me to bring to life your most taboo fantasies, while adjusting to the level of experience and comfort of my plaything.

My favorite types of sessions are extended and overnights. Extended sessions are 3+ hours and are perfect for getting in the mind of my victim. Overnights are a great opportunity for slave training and learning how to serve a Goddess properly. Or maybe you just want to be locked in a cage, held in heavy bondage while I catch up on some erotic reading, occasionally teasing you. Being lured into my den and captured by my gaze and sensual ways, falling deeper under my spell.

I also have a love for theatre and performance, with a strong background in the live arts that drives my passion for role-play fantasies. Do you fantasize about a gorgeous, statuesque woman asserting her control over you & worshipping all of her? Or maybe my riding crop biting into your skin as I correct you? How about a sexy nurse, strapping you to your hospital bed and teasing/torturing your helpless body with her medical implements as she asserts her will over you. Your secretary that wants her revenge? A bitchy ex-girlfriend that lures you back and immobilizes you so you can’t escape? Let your imagination run wild… or trust me to create a fantasy just for you.

I possess an extensive collection of fetish wear that belies my years of involvement in the BDSM lifestyle. Dozens of fetish shoes ranging from the finest stilettos to heavy-duty leather combat boots, corsets, latex body suits, rubber, leather fetish wear. I love to dress up!