The Beginnings of D/s Play

Are you ready to take control? Power exchange is extremely sexy but can also be intimidating to some. Do you identify as a Dominant but are unsure of how to effectively carry out that role? Whether you want one submissive or ten, this class is designed to help you navigate the beginning of your path in a D/s dynamic. Miss Mackenzee has been a lifestyle Dominant for many years and has had countless play partners and currently has a live-in submissive.

What about the other side of the slash: the submissive? It is a partnership and both contribute equally even though there is a level of power exchange. How far does the submissive want to relinquish control? Miss Mackenzee will provide tools that will help you navigate your new relationship/s and finding which level of power exchange may be best for you.

Some of the things that will be covered are:

  • 8 sexy ways to enhance your kinky relationship(s) through consensual power exchange
  • Understanding protocols that you agree with and want to involve in your relationship/s
  • Rituals within your relationship/s
  • Levels of collaring
  • Deciding on vanilla time and navigating that
  • How to handle your partner playing with others

There will be time to answer questions that both Dominants and submissives may have when navigating their new role.