Spanking for Punishment or Pleasure

What we once hated as children, we now love as adults…SPANKING! Whether you’re brand new to spanking or have been in the game for many years, this class is welcoming and you’ll walk away with at least one new trick in your bag. One of the most important things in spanking is warming your bottom up. You don’t want them to safe word before you really get into a nice rhythm. Along with that we’ll go over how to “read” your partner and how to take them to a really amazing place. There’s the more practical lessons in regards to spanking such a s stingy vs. thuddy and how to inflict pain on your bottom, not yourself. There’s many different ways to spank someone to create a number of sensations which I’ll talk about and demonstrate. Participation is encouraged by not required. There will be time to try different implements and methods, whether you come with a partner or solo. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.