Pro Kink Life: Making Money While You Sleep

Being a Professional Dominatrix for over a decade has given Miss Mackenzee a myriad of experience to draw upon in helping newcomers to develop insight on their business. This class is designed not only for those wishing to get started as a sex worker but for those that have already begun their career as one and are looking for some tips and tricks to take their business another step further. This is a line of work that is not talked about in business classes. We will discuss how to build your business model and brand in a way that leaves you head and shoulders above the competition, as well as your book of eager pay-for-play slaves. One of the most important things we will talk about is that the rewards and benefits of this type of work is fun but it is still hard work.

Some of the things we will go over are:

  • 7 Steps to becoming the successful Domme you’ve always wanted to be
  • How to establish yourself (finding your niche, joining a house, marketing, etc)
  • Physical & online sessions
  • Custom orders (audios, videos, clothing, etc)
  • Creating and designing your website
  • Networking
  • Do’s and Don’ts of being an accomplished Dominatrix