There we were walking through an international food store when Master turned to me and gave me the look. You know, the one that lets me know exactly how fucked I’m going to be tonight. I can still remember the cold shiver that ran down my spine as my mind screamed, ‘why is he giving me that look, and what in God’s name is he going to do with the sugar cane he just put his hand on?”

There are two types of perverts reading this workshop description: those who go to otherwise vanilla spaces such as restaurants, Home Depot, grocery stores, etc. looking for new sex toys; and those who are missing out on going to otherwise vanilla spaces looking for new sex toys. This class delves deeply into the art of finding and converting pervertables: everyday objects that, with minimal effort and a little creativity, can be used as implements in your next scene.  

Some things we’ll cover:

  • The art of secret perversion
  • Surprising places to go to find pervertables
  • Looking at what you already have in your home with new eyes
  • Upgrading toys for new purposes
  • Using seemingly innocent objects for torture