How To Take Control In The Bedroom

This class is designed for people interested in exploring their primal core that we were all born with and how to manifest it in their sexual relationships. Miss Mackenzee will teach participants to identify ways in which they can begin to claim their own assertive energy in ways that empower them and wow their lovers. Perfect for those looking to spice up their sex life a little or interested in really harnessing the beast inside in a healthy way. No matter where on that spectrum you lie, you will leave this workshop with new ways of tapping into and expressing the power in their core erotic selves. Control comes from the mind; the body follows.

Some things we will touch upon are:

  • Finding the God or Goddess within yourself
  • Learning how to be more confident
  • Discovering what your partner likes & teasing with that knowledge
  • Easing into basic bondage
  • Navigating the art of seduction
  • What NOT to do in the bedroom and knowing when your control has gone too far