How to Perform a Sexy Striptease

No matter what your age, body type, or gender identity is, come learn how to strip down for your partner(s). This class is designed to help make you feel comfortable in your skin and out of your clothes. You can think of it as a fun, sexy aerobic workout that also happens to tease your partner(s). Have you seen a movie or video where one person dances with such confidence and wanted to do it yourself? Well now is the time. During the course of the class, some of the things we’ll cover are:

  • How to make yourself a temptress/tempter
  • What happens when you hit a snag in removing an article of clothing
  • How to effectively use props
  • The art of seduction
  • Using your body to please your partner’s eye
  • And more

If you’d like, bring a pair of heels or sexy shoes. Be sure to bring multiple layers of clothes, maybe even an outfit that pairs with a role play you’ve been fantasizing about. Come prepared to have a lot of fun! This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, and skill levels.