Using Erotic Hypnosis to Enhance Fetishes

Have you ever wanted to delve deeper into your slave’s mind and help enhance their experiences? The level of control that hypnosis can give amplifies the connection that is already in place. Is your bottom curious about tickling but not really ticklish? Setting post-hypnotic suggestions where you simply say a certain word would help them become more sensitive to tickling methods. Have you ever been out with your submissive and say “wait here for me, I’ll be right back” and they wander off? With the skills I’ll teach you in this class, you’ll be able to bind them in their place so they won’t be able to disappear. No one will be the wiser! Using the power of suggestion, you can do bondage without physical restraints, turn pain to pleasure and pleasure to pain, stimulate your partner in new ways, and more. Having beginner’s knowledge of hypnosis is helpful but not required.