Healthy vs UnHealthy Dynamics

BDSM can be tantalizing and stimulating for its participants because of its intensity, but onlookers often ask “what makes this different from abuse?” This class acknowledges the importance of differentiating between healthy kink dynamics that add to the experiences of all involved and abusive relationships masquerading as kinky.

One of the aspects of BDSM that the initiated sometimes question the health or appropriateness of is the use of consensual erotic pain. We will talk a bit about one’s relationship with masochism, whether it’s your own or a partner of yours. There are ways to express masochism in a way that is productive and healthy. Within this class, we’ll go over some red flags for when this road turns dark and abusive.

Participants will learn:

  • The key elements that make a kinky relationship a keeper
  • What to incorporate into your own relationship(s) to stay on the right track
  • Red flags to raise awareness of how and when a kinky dynamic has taken a bad turn
  • Ideas of what a healthy D/s relationship could look like
  • How to protect yourself against predators, manipulators, and energy vampires as a top or as a bottom