Genitorture for Vulvas: How to Make the Lips Scream!

Do you love pussy so much that you just want to hurt it sometimes? Well come learn how to torture your partner’s sensitive area in multiple ways without ruining them for next time and while keeping RACK in mind. Are you just beginning to experiment with genitorture and not really sure where to start? I’ll go over some great ways to ease into this type of play. Master proper placement of TENS pads and how to use pleasure to inflict suffering on your bottom. Did you just get a great new pair of boots? Learn how to cuntpunt as safely as possible. Some other things we’ll talk about is chemical play, electro-play, predicament bondage, impact of varying kinds, and much more. A ballgag will only help quiet one set of lips after this class! A live demo will be part of the presentation and audience participation is encouraged but there will be zero pressure to engage. Feel free to sit back and take notes to bring home with you. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.