Don’t Hit Replay: Never the Same Scene Twice

BDSM can be a fun way to explore a variety of our fantasies… but as tops, how do we keep our material fresh? Connecting with a bottom who shares our kinks, negotiating a fantasy, and playing it out in a scene for the first time can be electrifying and exciting… but what about the second time? Or third? Or hundredth? This class is designed for people interested in diversifying their play in a way that honors their desires without letting their actions start to feel routine or even boring, keeping the spark and erotic energy fresh for the top as well as their bottom or bottoms.

Some things covered in this class are:

  • The importance of fantasies and their role in creating new energy
  • Keeping the communication lines open
  • Having fresh material; never stop learning new skills
  • Incorporating rituals into new scenes
  • Learning how to change the mood of a scene