Creativity with Sharps: Needles, Staples, and Scalpels, Oh My!

We’ve all seen the pictures online of beautiful artwork created with various medical tools. This is not a needles 101 class so having a working knowledge of this type of play is beneficial. In this class, I’ll share some ways to turn your bottom into a lovely piece of artwork. You can go simple using colored thread and ribbon or add in beads and needle caps so the designs can stay in longer while you parade around your living canvas. Maybe you want to mark your bottom as yours for a period of time. Or help them look even sexier with sharps woven through their skin. You’ll also learn some exciting ways to torture your bottom using needle predicament bondage and creating endorphin rushes that will send your bottom to further reaches of floaty space.. Playing the scary doctor and nurse can be oh so fun! Participation isn’t required but if you wish to participate and don’t have a partner, it is recommended that you bring a stuffed animal as your victim.