Channeling the Energy: Tantra and Rope

Rope has a captivating and intoxicating energy of itself. This workshop is designed for igniting the spark of erotic desire between you and your lover and combining it with that energy of rope. We’ll go through the ancient art of tantra and add in the more modern energy of rope to provide a truly tantalizing time. Learn to energize your rope even more with the primal energy that is rooted deep in us all. Learn to engage with the rope as an active party with your partner(s). Be prepared to feel the passion and intimacy ignited and feel your level of intensity with your partner(s) grow. You’ll feel more connected, both spiritually and physically, to your partner(s), than ever before. There is no need to have any prior rope knowledge for this class. This isn’t about pretty intricate rope work or proper knots. Any and all dynamics are welcomed.