He walked in the door and looked at me timidly. I knew this would be fun and making him my little baby would be easy. He had a childish innocence to him that made the Mommy in me come right out.

“Have you been a good boy?” He nodded and grinned widely. “Then Mommy has a treat for you! Follow me.” I led him down the hallway into a special room I prepared for him. His eyes opened wide when we walked in the door. He was giddy with excitement as he glanced around the room. I patted the floor where I had laid out a blanket. “We have to get you nice and comfy first. Take off your clothes and then lay here.” As he stripped off each article of clothing, he folded them and placed them to the side. Once he was naked, he laid on the blanket.

I took a diaper from the top of the stack and opened it up. “Lift.” He lifted his butt up so I could place the diaper under him. “Down.” His mouth was turned up into a joyful grin as I sprinkled powder all over him. “That’s my good boy,” I praised him as I rubbed the powder in a bit. His cock bounced up and down in response to hearing those words. “We don’t want you to get a rash, now do we?” He shook his head as I pulled the front of the diaper up and over him, fastening it at the sides. I reached over to one of the bags and pulled out a brand new onesie. He clapped his hands in excitement. I helped him get into his new outfit. With each snap of the buttons, I knew his cock was getting harder underneath the diaper. I could see it growing. “Does my little boy like his new outfit? I picked it out just for you, my little monkey.” He gave me a big hug.

I grabbed a bib from a drawer and fastened it around his neck. “It’s time to eat some dinner. How about pear apple oatmeal?” He nodded in agreement. He knows better than to try and protest with me. “Good. And if you eat this all, you’ll get a nice warm bottle while Mommy reads you a story.” I opened up the container and stirred up the thick paste a bit before spooning some into his mouth. At first he moved it around with his tongue, unsure of whether he liked it or not and slowly spit it from his mouth. His face grimaced in disgust. I took the spoon and scooped it back up and went to put it back in his mouth. He closed his mouth tightly making it impossible for the spoon to go in. I tried the airplane and choo-choo train but nothing was working. “Naughty boy. I’m going to have to punish you.” I placed the food container and spoon to the side. I took him over my lap, my hand landing on his bottom. He tried to squirm away with each spank. “Stop moving around so much. How else are you going to learn to behave for Mommy?” He was crying and whimpering but eventually settled in and took his punishment. I sat him back up and went back to feeding him. This time he didn’t spit the food back at me. “There’s my good boy.” He smiled as I fed him another large spoonful of food. As I scraped the last little of food from the plastic container, I saw his eyes wander around the room and fall on the monkey stuffed animal in the corner. He went to reach for it but I stopped him. “Eat this last bite and you can have the monkey.” He opened his mouth wide and as soon as I pulled the spoon out, he rolled backwards and grabbed the stuffed animal. His face lit up and the energy of the room warmed up.

“I’ll be right back.” I gave him a couple toys to play with while I left the room. When I came back, warm bottle in hand, he was still laying on the floor on his stomach tinkering with the toys I left him with. I took his hand and helped him up. He followed behind me as I walked over to the couch and sat down on it. He sat next to me. “Lay down and put your head on my lap, sweet boy.” While he readjusted himself, I grabbed a book from the table beside me. I checked the temperature of the bottle on my wrist. I handed it to him and he started sucking at it, drinking in the warm milk. “‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another his mother called him ‘WILD THING!’ and Max said ‘I’LL EAT YOU UP!’ so he was sent to bed without eating anything.” And the story went on as he finished his bottle and listened closely to my voice. I would pet his head and stroke his hair while I read. “…and it was still hot.” I closed the book. His eyes were very heavy. “Are you ready for bed?” He lazily nodded his head. I motioned for him to go back on the blanket on the floor so I could put a fresh diaper on him. He slowly slid off the couch and crawled to the blanket. I unsnapped the onesie and pulled the sides of the diaper which was soaked with pee. I took a cool wipe from the container and wiped all around his cock which he liked. “Is my little boy hoping Mommy will play with you tonight?” He nodded. “Aww you have been a good boy for me. But it’s very late and past your bedtime. Maybe tomorrow.” I put some diaper cream on his butt and more powder then fastened the diaper closed and snapped the buttons up again. Tucking him and his bear in tight for bed. As I walked to the door and went to turn off the lights, I glanced back at his smiling face and said, “goodnight and sleep well my precious boy.”