I tied the rope around his right wrist and pulled it up and out to the side, fastening it to the beam above his head. I did the same with his left hand. I let my fingernails dance along his arms as they stretched out, “aww isn’t this nice?”

“Yes, Mistress.” My nails ran down his bare chest towards the base of his erect cock.

“Someone’s a bit excited, aren’t they?” And I let one nail drag along the shaft to the head and down underneath before finding his balls. With one tight grip, he started to squirm and so my hand tightened and pulled at his balls. He started to jump around and dance a bit. My evil laugh echoed in the room. I released my hold and took another piece of rope which I tied around his right ankle and attached it to one of the anchor points in the floor. I did the same with the left. “Much better. I can’t have you move around so much with all that I have in store for you,” I teased. He was now standing spread eagle. He had a worried look on his face but that didn’t fool me. His cock was bouncing with excitement and dripping from the tip. I stood before him, “you know that if you get my shoes dirty, you’re going to have to lick them clean.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.

I stepped back and teased him with the tip of my shoe before taking my stance. “Hmm…maybe you should count.”

“One…two…” his face winced as he closed his eyes, “…three.” My shoe made contact with his most precious bits. I followed through with four more kicks, increasing the intensity with each one. I let him catch his breath before I teased him again with my fingernails, “aww so sensitive now, aren’t they?” He nodded his head. “So it’s really going to be fun with what I’ve got for you next!” He groaned but his cock perked up with my voice. I reached into my bag and pulled out a little leather parachute. “You know what this is, don’t you?” He nodded his head again. “This one is special though. It’s got these cool little spikes on the inside.” I lowered myself so I could wrap the band of leather around his balls which had turned a nice red color and were starting to swell a bit. I fastened it in place and grabbed a few weights out of my bag. “How many do you think you can handle?”

“I’m not sure, Mistress. I will try my best to handle as many as you wish.”

“Good answer!” I placed one weight on. “Not so bad is it?”

“No, Mistress. Thank you.”

I put another one on and another one. With each additional weight, the little spikes on the inside of the parachute were pressing more sharply into his balls. “One more. You can do it,” I said. He took a deep breath in as I hung the fourth weight. He let out a heavy breath. “Good boy,” I said as I pushed the weights lightly so they swung adding just a bit of extra sensation. With the weights pulling his balls down, I wanted his cock to be pulled up in the opposite direction. I create a corset around his cock with mini jute. I pulled the end up and had him hold it in his mouth. “Don’t you dare drop this.” He kept his head low so it wouldn’t pull up too much. I walked behind him and grabbed the back of his head pulled it back, watching from over his shoulder as the rope tugged and his cock pulled upwards. He drew in a breath from the corners of his mouth, careful not to let go of the rope. “Are you having fun?” I asked and made his head nod up and down which also made his cock nod as well. “Do you want me to stop?” I shook his head and again his cock moved in the same motion, his balls also swinging with the weights. He was getting excited with all the movement which just made the tiny rope tighten, his skin turning a darker color. I took the string from his mouth and walked back away from him, extending his cock outwards even more. “I could be nice and just cut this away. Or I could be mean and pull it off. Hmm…mean or nice…mean or nice…”

“Oh please Mistress, be nice,” he pleaded.

“Be nice? What’s in it for me if I’m nice? What will you do for me?”

“Anything you want, Mistress.”

“Very good answer. I can’t argue with that.” And I cut the rope gentle. Pretty little rope marks left on him. I traced them with my fingernail. His cock started to drip. “I know just what to do with this.” I grabbed my sounding kit and lube from my bag. I put gloves on and lubed the tip of his cock and the sound, teasing his hole with the stainless steel rod. I slowly let it slide in, his eyes rolled back in his head as he sighed and moaned. My fingers guided it as I let it slip even deeper inside him. “Mmmm feels so good doesn’t it?”

“Y…y…yes, Mistress,” he stuttered out.

His cock stiffened even more as I gently pulled the sound back out, almost completely, before sliding it back down. I got into a nice steady rhythm, “it’s almost like being fucked from the inside, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you,” he said in between moans. His breathing getting heavier.

“You’re not going to cum already, are you? You better beg me before you cum.”

“Please Mistress…please may I cum? It feels so good. I’m so close.”

“Hmmm…” I kept with the rhythm. He was started to grunt and whine.

“Please…I’ll do anything you want,” he begged.

“You already promised me that. So…nope!” With that last word, I slid the rod completely out and flicked at his cock and balls.

He groaned in disappointment, still bound and spread eagle. I turned and walked away, leaving him there. I took one final look at him and said “see, you’re not good enough for anything, not even a ruined orgasm.”