Stripped naked, laying on the floor, he watched as I stood above him. “Are you staring up my skirt? You dirty boy.” He opened his mouth to speak. “Don’t lie to Me…I know exactly what you’re looking at.” I pulled up my skirt just a little bit, teasing him and giving him a slightly better view.

“Yes, Goddess. I cannot help it. You’re so gorgeous and I…”

“And you what? Are hoping for what?” I hiked up my skirt even more, shaking my ass.

“Oh God…Please Goddess…” he licked his lips.

“Look at you down there, pathetic and begging.” He tried to reach up and touch my silky, thigh-high clad leg, I kicked it away. He tried to shift and sit up a little. I put my foot on his chest, “you stay down there where you belong. You need to learn your place as My slave. You do want to be Mine, don’t you?”

“Yes, Goddess. I’m sorry.”

“If you’re going to be Mine, we have a lot of training to do. But first I have to mark you.” I stood, straddling his torso and let the warmth shower him. “You only get a little bit for now. You have to prove yourself worthy of more.”

“Anything You wish of me, Goddess. I am Yours now to use how it pleases You.”

“Anything I wish, huh? Be careful what you wish for.” I walked over to My wall of goodies and his eyes followed. He strained his head to try and see exactly what I was doing. I grabbed a few toys: paddles, whips, butt plugs of varying sizes, bottle of lube, vibrator, cuffs, and a head harness with ball gag. I fastened the cuffs around his wrists and ankles and put the harness on his head. “There…that’s a much better outfit fitting for a slave.” He muffled something that sounded like “thank You.”

I let my nails trace along his skin. Teasing his most sensitive, precious bits before standing, towering over him like a true Amazon. I could see his eyes wander up My legs and gaze longingly between them. “Is there something that you need? Something that you strongly desire?” He looked Me in the eyes and nodded his head.

“What is it that you want?” His eyes fell back between my legs and widened. He tried to say something but the gag muffled everything.

“Do you really think you’ve earned that already?” His eyes were pleading with Me. I took a step so I was directly above his face. I let a slow stream flow from me and land on his face. He tried to open his mouth wider around the ball gag so he could get some of My nectar. Just a little taste for now.

I stepped away from him, and took a seat on My chair. I left him on the ground and all he could do was whimper, begging for more…